Add Money

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit your Check for FREE

Ask your employer or benefits provider to electronically place your paycheck or benefits into your prepaid account using direct deposit. It's free, convenient, and saves you $320 a year in typical check cashing fees. If you have a PayPal, checking and/or a savings account, you can use those too to add money.

Shop Anywhere & Get Cash

Get a prepaid card

We give you a Prepaid Card

Use it to buy products online, get gas, pay for rental cars, hotel stays or airline tickets, or buy stuff everywhere Debit Visa or MasterCard is accepted. It’s more convenient than carrying cash and safer too with Visa's Zero Liability or the MasterCard Zero Liability coverage that protects you from unauthorized purchases. Withdraw Cash

Millions of locations to Withdraw Cash

You're always just a minute away from your money because you can withdraw cash at more than one million ATMs worldwide. Even better, avoid ATM fees all together by using your prepaid Visa or MasterCard card to get cash back at your local grocery store.

2 Easy Ways to Pay Your Bills

free bill pay

Pay bills for free at the Last Minute

Simply visit your biller's website or call their 800#, and give them your prepaid Visa or MasterCard card number. Stop running around town to pay a bill with expensive money orders or cash. It's generally free and always the fastest way to pay a bill.
pay bills online

Easily pay your bills or Anyone Online

Use Bill Pay to plan ahead by creating a simple list of your monthly bills that we pay electronically for you. Use it to pay your rent, cell phone, cable bill – or any bill or person – in just a few seconds. It's completely free and you are always in control.

Build your Credit History

help fix your credit

Get credit for Good Behavior

Enroll in free Credit Builder and you can demonstrate your credit worthiness to potential creditors like landlords. Just pay your bills through Bill Pay and we will automatically report your payment history to PRBC®, a national credit reporting agency.
No overdraft fees

Annoying overdraft fees? Can't Happen

Unlike traditional banks, you'll never get an overdraft fee because you can only spend what you have in your prepaid account. Say goodbye to negative databases like ChexSystems that hurt how you're viewed by other financial institutions.