Frequently Asked Common Questions

  1. How do I open a prepaid account?
    You can sign up online in seconds.

  2. What do I need to apply for a card?
    To apply for an AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card , you will need to provide your name, phone number, email address, social security number, and mailing address. To receive your welcome package and Visa prepaid card, you must enter a physical U.S. address. Cards cannot be sent to post office boxes.

  3. How much does it cost to sign up?
    It's free to sign up and receive your prepaid visa card in the mail. When you add money to your prepaid account, we will charge you an activation fee and monthly service charges will begin. If you use direct deposit to add money to your prepaid account, we will waive your activation fee. See our pricing & fees for more details.

  4. How much does it cost to activate a prepaid account?
    Activation for an AccountNow prepaid account is free when you setup direct deposit to your account. If you choose not to use direct deposit, a small activation fee will be applied.

  5. Can I open an account if I am on ChexSystems?
    Yes. AccountNow does not do a ChexSystems verification when opening new accounts.

  6. Do I have to maintain a minimum balance on my prepaid account?
    No minimal balance is required for an AccountNow prepaid account.

  7. Does AccountNow provide monthly account statements?
    Yes, we provide monthly online statements free of charge. You may also sign up for monthly paper statements online when you view your account information for a small fee.

  8. How old do I need to be to get a card?
    The minimum age to apply for a prepaid account is 14 years old.

  9. How long does it take to receive a card?
    Your card will be delivered 5-7 business days after you sign up. If you need a replacement card, you may request to have your replacement card expedited for a fee and it will be delivered in 3 business days.

  10. How do I know that AccountNow is a real company?
    AccountNow has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since February 2006. A full report on AccountNow can be found by clicking Better Business Bureau.

  11. Is this a credit card?
    No. Credit is not extended to AccountNow prepaid cardholders; only money that is added to the prepaid account can be used.

  12. Can I get a loan from you?
    No. Currently we do not offer loans, but we are working on a solution for our customers. Check back for updates and added services.