Account Now Prepaid MasterCard - Review

About AccountNow Prepaid Mastercard | How it works

AccountNow, Inc. of San Ramon, CA, is the trusted brand in providing primary transaction accounts to the 40 million people turned away by banks. Itís a great alternative to a checking account.

This is not a credit card ó only money added to your prepaid account can be used; however you may be eligible to get an Advance Line of Credit if you have direct deposit setup.

Your employer or benefits provider can pay you using Direct Deposit. Its convenient and free. It typically saves you $450 a year in check cashing fees. If you have PayPal, you can also use that to add money.

In addition, you can add cash at more than 135,000 locations! Go to any nearby MoneyGram, Western Union, Visa ReadyLink and Green Dot agent location at retailers.

Service is maintained with low monthly fees offered in two plans: Classic and Premium. Many transaction fees are free, such as card activation, adding money via Direct Deposit or Cash, making card purchases using your signature, and transferring money from one card to another. Making U.S. card purchases using your PIN have no cost for Premium Plan, and cost only $1.00 per purchase with the Classic Plan.

The card carries an ATM withdrawal limit of $500/day. Purchase limits are $1,500/day for signature purchases and $1,000/day for PIN purchases.

It offers guaranteed approval . Your credit will not be checked and their is no chexsystem verification. However you must be able to prove your identity to comply with the US Patriot Act.

One call to a customer service representative per month is allowed and then a $2.00 charge per call thereafter. Customer Service can be reached at 866-925-2036 Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Use the bill pay to build your payment history so as to demonstrate your credit worthiness when applying for housing, credit, insurance, employment and telephone service. Use bill pay to pay all your bills such as rent, utilities, cable, insurance, and more.

There is also a free Credit Builder service, and every time you make a bill payment with bill pay they will send your payment information to a national credit reporting agency. By creating a positive payment history you will be able to demonstrate your credit worthiness.

You donít have to change anything just keep doing what you currently are using your bill pay to pay rent, electric, cable, insurance, and phone bills. You will now be able to develop a positive payment history with the bureaus.